Here are some very useful downloads I’ve come across over the years:

AD Checker – Active Directory Checker is an application that will inform you of the roles of each Domain Controller in your Domain.

Bginfo.exe – Bginfo is short for Background Information. It’s a small easy to use application that displays vital system information directly on your desktop.

FixEVT.exe – this small program will attempt to fix a corrupt EVT file. EVT files are Windows System Event Log Files. – iPodFolder takes all the songs off any iPod and rips them to your computer. Useful for taking songs from your iPod when using a new computer.

ipscan.exe – ipscan is also known as angry ip scanner. It’s one of the best ip scanners for local LAN use out there.

ISO Recorder – This application installs built-in support to create ISO’s. You only need to right-click on a folder to create your very own ISO!

Large Text File Viewer – This is a great Log Viewer to view HUGE text files (the ones that take a long time to open with notepad).

NetSetMan – This application allows you to change IP settings with ease. Free program with 6 available slots for any IP addressing scheme you desire.

notepad2.exe – A friend from work gave me a copy of notepad2 after watching me code html for a few minutes. Notepad2 has every feature I wanted the original notepad to have.

putty.exe – Because much of my work revolves around remote access to linux based computers, I had to find a small and fast way to open up new shells.

update_xp_cd_key.exe – for any number of reasons you may find yourself needing to change the windows xp registration key. I won’t go into the ramifications of pirating software, but here’s a simple way to change your xp registration key.

Windows Installation Clean-Up Utility – Occasionally there are some programs that just refuse to update, uninstall, or open. For those programs, I found the MS tool cleans them up the best.

Windows Update Agent 2.0 x86 – if you find that after a repair of Windows XP that you can no longer install windows updates (they all fail), then run this program. It should fix this issue.

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