O365 Powershell CLI

Written by on 02.10.2020 | Microsoft

Needed to connect to O365 when my account has MFA enabled. New computer, so here’s the full setup. Using Internet Explorer or Edge, open your ECP/EAC (Admin of Exchange) portal page on your O365 account. Click on Hybrid Click on Configure This installs a clickonce app for the Exchange Online powershell module. Open PowerShell as […]

Top of Screen Black Bar

Written by on 02.05.2020 | Microsoft

Windows 10 Pro 1809/1903/1909, Pro N 1909 have all experienced this issue in my tenure. I’m sure it’s more than that. Basically when I have a maximized application on my primary screen, the top of the screen is blank (black bar). This has happened with Chrome, Slack, and Adobe so far. I should point out […]

Windows 10 Start Menu Search Blank

Written by on 02.05.2020 | Microsoft

So my freshly-installed Windows 10 Pro N 1909 had an issue – I have gotten so used to pressing Windows Key and then typing “settings” or “control panel” or “my document name here”. Unfortunately I was greeted with a blank search box instead. Nothing loaded. Just blank. Gray even. Light gray. So I searched trusty […]

Stuff I Use

Written by on 01.14.2020 | Miscellaneous

After recently chatting with some friends about various technologies I utilize, I figured it would be a good idea to just document all of the various products with a brief overview/review of each. Networking Cisco Switching Cisco Catalyst 3560G 24 port Layer 3 Switch (my old core). Unifi Switching I switched (pun intended) to Unifi […]

Dump AD Information

Written by on 10.09.2019 | Microsoft

I needed to grab all information about our current asset lists and our KACE tool was not to be believed in terms of inventory (HR said we have 500 employees, O365 said we have 615, and Kace said 322 devices). Load up powershell on a domain controller Get-ADComputer -Filter * -Property * | Select-Object Name,OperatingSystem,OperatingSystemServicePack,OperatingSystemVersion,LastLogonDate […]

Joan Room Booking

Written by on 06.07.2019 | Linux

I wanted to add some room booking assistants to our conference rooms. My last place used evoko units – which worked quite well – but they required 1) PoE ethernet drops and 2) $1100 each. So after reading about Joan I decided to get one to try out. They offer both SaaS and on-prem hosting […]