Show Sender’s Domain In Outlook View

Written by on 10.16.2018 | Microsoft

While DKIM and SPF records have curbed some of the phishing attempts that “come from” my domain, there are still many times that users are confused as to why the CEO is emailing them wanting to change bank information or to buy hundreds of dollars of iTunes gift cards. I’m usually met with a “just […]

Click to Run Office, Install Visio

Written by on 03.05.2018 | Microsoft

I needed to install Visio on my laptop. Laptop, running Win10 Pro 1709, already had Office 365’s office version installed. Visio was part of our VLSC/Business Center downloads. I noticed I had MAK keys and C2R-P MAK keys for the ODT. I tried to just install from the downloaded ISO but it said something about […]

Reset WordPress Password

Written by on 01.29.2018 | Linux, Miscellaneous

Taking over the IT department when the previous IT regime had zero plans on how to integrate the series of businesses they had taken over in the past several years makes for some fun times. I have 4 different godaddy accounts, a couple DH accounts, and even one from a German company I had never […]

Unifi Linux and Windows Certificates

Written by on 01.29.2018 | Linux, Miscellaneous, Networking

I thought I knew it all about certificates, but then I was humbled once again. I needed to “secure” an internal linux webserver using our Windows 2016 CA as to remove the “this is an unverified site” messages that liked to pop up when browsing the various sites. The process I had done in the […]

Create a Shared Mailbox MS Exchange 2010

Written by on 10.20.2017 | Microsoft

On prem shared mailbox. May be one of my last posts about exchange being not in O365-land. Open the Exchange Management Shell EMS Create the mailbox New-Mailbox -Name MAILBOXNAME -Alias ALIASNAME -OrganizationalUnit “OU path” -Database “DATABASE” -UserPrincipalName EMAILADDRESS -Shared Give permissions to the mailbox Add-MailboxPermission MAILBOXNAME -User “DOMAIN\USERNAME” -AccessRights FullAccess Or Add-ADPermission MAILBOXNAME -User “DOMAIN\USERNAME” […]

Login Windows Automatically

Written by on 10.20.2017 | Microsoft

I recently acquired some Intel Computesticks (m3 1.6ghz, 4GB, 64gb storage, abgn) and was going to use them as digital signage systems – total side note but they work remarkably well for digital signage, especially with Xibo). I needed them to automatically log into windows with no user interactions when rebooting. Run Netplwiz Windows + […]