Create a Shared Mailbox MS Exchange 2010

Written by on 10.20.2017 | Microsoft

On prem shared mailbox. May be one of my last posts about exchange being not in O365-land. Open the Exchange Management Shell EMS Create the mailbox New-Mailbox -Name MAILBOXNAME -Alias ALIASNAME -OrganizationalUnit “OU path” -Database “DATABASE” -UserPrincipalName EMAILADDRESS -Shared Give permissions to the mailbox Add-MailboxPermission MAILBOXNAME -User “DOMAIN\USERNAME” -AccessRights FullAccess Or Add-ADPermission MAILBOXNAME -User “DOMAIN\USERNAME” […]

Login Windows Automatically

Written by on 10.20.2017 | Microsoft

I recently acquired some Intel Computesticks (m3 1.6ghz, 4GB, 64gb storage, abgn) and was going to use them as digital signage systems – total side note but they work remarkably well for digital signage, especially with Xibo). I needed them to automatically log into windows with no user interactions when rebooting. Run Netplwiz Windows + […]

Solarwinds Syslog Database Cleanup

Written by on 10.20.2017 | Microsoft, Miscellaneous

So my last senior systems administrator decided to install solarwinds on a virtual machine as a standalone package (solarwinds, licensing, sql express). He came to me a day or two later saying that he needed to migrate the database from SQL express to our production SQL server as the instance was at the maximum allowed […]

Send on behalf of Distribution Group

Written by on 09.21.2017 | Microsoft

I have an Exchange 2010 server on prem – needed to grant send on behalf to a user for a distribution list. In this case the distribution list is called “Events”. However, every time I would change the permissions I noticed that the previous entries were removed. List Group Current Permissions Get-DistributionGroup “Events” | fl […]

List Trusted and Blocked Senders for Exchange User

Written by on 09.19.2017 | Microsoft

One of the EA’s reported that an email was not going through to the CEO from a vendor/partner and the NDR was: Generating server: myemailserver.tld CEO@mycompany.tld #< #5.1.0 smtp;554 5.1.0 Sender denied> #SMTP# Original message headers: Received: from spam.myemailserver.tld ( by mail.myemailserver.tld ( with Microsoft SMTP Server id 14.3.361.1; Mon, 18 Sep 2017 22:25:26 -0500 […]

List All Exchange Mailboxes Associated with Disabled Users

Written by on 09.15.2017 | Microsoft

I recently went through and disabled a ton of users that hadn’t logged into AD for the last X number of days. And now I needed a report to show the number of mailboxes that were currently associated with disabled accounts. Exchange Powershell to the rescue Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | ft -a Identity, UserAccountControl, ExchangeUserAccountControl, […]