Add Second Drive to Linux

Written by on 08.17.2017 | Linux

I added a new disk using PVE (Proxmox) as a secondary IDE drive. Primary is 30GB. Running Ubuntu 14.04LTS (I know I should upgrade to 16, but I’m lazy) Secondary drive is 400GB and I marked it NO Backup. Adding a secondary HDD to linux is pretty easy. List all of the drives fdisk -l […]

OSSIM Block Connection Attempts

Written by on 07.11.2017 | Linux

I installed alien vault’s OSSIM (the community/free one) and added my subnets for scans. Unfortunately my APC PDUs and batteries really dislike having connection attempts every 2 hours. Options would include deleting the range and adding smaller ranges, blocking via a firewall, or disabling alerts on the APCs for connection attempts. So I opted for […]

Microsoft CA Delete Old Certificates

Written by on 06.05.2017 | Microsoft

I had an issue where a certificate template was inadvertently used for all users and machines. Creating a new request daily. For 3 months. Without overwriting the old request. Ouch. So in my Certificate Authority MMC I saw under Issued Certificates thousands of certs that were expired and I wanted them to just go away. […]

Updated to HTTPS

Written by on 03.25.2017 | Miscellaneous

I decided to join the future and encrypt the communications to/from this server. Not that it’s a big deal, but I do like privacy. If you notice any problems please let me know. Also, it’s a certificate through Letsencrypt!

Powershell Add Certificates to Firefox User

Written by on 02.14.2017 | Microsoft, Networking

As we recently implemented a MITM SSL inspection web filter, I needed a way to install the locally signed certificate into the firefox stores on managed devices. Firefox, by default, does not use the built-in certificate store and instead chooses to utilize its own. Chrome/IE/Edge do not have this same issue and the GPO setup […]

Add Self-Signed Certificate to Ubuntu

Written by on 02.06.2017 | Linux, Networking

I’m currently running Untangle as my firewall/router UTM and recently enabled SSL Inspection. Unfortunately apt-get was breaking on my linux boxen, so I had to import the certificate. On my linux box I ran the following and it worked fine: wget http://firewallURL/cert mv cert cert.crt sudo cp cert.crt /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/ sudo update-ca-certificates