I removed everything because it was looking pretty wordy. Here’s my home network instead:

Wide Open West (WOW) 1000/40 Primary Internet
TMobile LTE backup Internet
Untangle 16 UTM Firewall
Unifi 24-Port PoE Managed Switch
Unifi 8-Port PoE Managed Switch
Unifi 5-Port Managed Switch
Unifi AC-Pro Access Point
Unifi AC-Pro Access Point
Unifi AC HD Nano Access Point
Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2

Sager Notebooks AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Laptop (16GB, 512GB)
HP Omen i5 6400 Desktop (16GB, 512GB)
Dell Latitude 7370 i5 7300 Laptop (16GB, 256GB)
SuperMicro 2U E3 Xeon Proxmox Server (64GB, 8x2TB)
Norco 4U i3 530 NAS (8GB, 8x4TB)
Dell 1950 1U X Xeon Server (8GB, 2x146GB)
Qnap 2-bay NAS (2GB, 2x4TB)
Misc “junk” machines

I’m always learning. If I find myself getting comfortable and not learning, I generally find a new job.

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