U6 Pro Unifi Not Updating

I’ve had many access points from Unifi over the years. Updating from the controller is generally a painless operation, and only rarely have I ever needed to utilize the CLI to make any changes (mostly set-inform related).

However, when attempting to update the firmware of my Unifi systems (U6-Pro, US-24-250W, US-8-60W, UAP-nanoHD, and U6-Pro), I got stuck on the U6-Pro. I would click on upgrade the firmware and then the access point would get stuck on the blue/white blinking LED for hours. I even let it sit there overnight just to see. For the record, I was attempting to upgrade from 6.0.14 to 6.0.15 at the time, and it was not happy. Unplugging from power and then plugging back in would get me back to the 6.0.14 version, so no harm no foul.

I figured it would get fixed with a new release of the controller as well as a firmware release to 6.0.18. Wrong. Same issue. I even attempted to CLI it by logging in via SSH and running the “upgrade https://dl.ui.com/unifi/firmware/UAP6MP/” command. No dice. Hard reboot and it’s back on 6.0.14.

Swannman had the same issue posted on the unifi forms, and UI-Glenn gave an updated command for me to try:

curl https://dl.ui.com/unifi/firmware/UAP6MP/ -o /tmp/fwupdate.bin && fwupdate.real -m &

Magically this worked and the controller reads it just fine. Posting for future sake of my sanity.

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