Disable Folder Redirection Synchronization

I came across this issue when we had an employee with a personal computer (that turned into a work computer) leave the company. I had to remove all the work applications and put the computer back to the state it was before we applied all the group policies and such to it.

As a side before we start, I know that I could just reformat the machine and then reinstall the drivers. But that just takes too long. Uninstalling 4 applications, removing the computer from the domain, and performing a few other tasks takes about 15 minutes to accomplish.

Here’s how to disable folder redirection with My Documents synchronization:
1.) Open MMC (Start >> Run >> MMC)
2.) Control M to add a module
3.) Alt D to add the snap-in module
4.) Navigate to Group Policy Object Editor (or a similar name)
5.) Click Add, and then finish (you’ll want it to be on the local machine anyway)
6.) Click Close, then OK
7.) Navigate to Local Computer Policy >> User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Network
8.) Disable Synchronize all offline files when loggin on, logging off, and before suspend.
9.) Reboot

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