Adobe Flash Crashes IE

I had a fellow employee at my work complain that every now and then his IE would crash. After several failed attempts to figure out when this was happening (and why), he finally told me it was an error with Flash. The error is as follows:
Flash Error

So I was looking around trying to figure out why this was happening. I know – the easiest way to find out how to stop it would be to have the fellow employee let me know what site he was at when it was happening. But I digress, here’s how I “fixed” it.

1.) Go to \windows\system32\macromed\flash\
2.) Duplicate flash9b.ocx (Copy/Paste)
3.) Rename the file flash9b.ocx to flash9b.ocx.old
4.) Rename the file Copy of flash9b.ocx to flash9b.ocx
5.) Duplicate flash9b.ocx (Copy/Paste)
6.) Rename flash.ocx to flash.ocx.old
7.) Rename the file Copy of flash9b.ocx to flash.ocx
8.) Duplicate flash9b.ocx (Copy/Paste)
9.) Rename the file Copy of flash9b.ocx to flash9.ocx

You will need to close out of all active IE windows to make the changes stick. You may also need to reboot just to be sure. This seems to only affect flash 9b.ocx files when the system also has ATI video drivers.

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