Daylight Savings Time Windows 2000

I know, I know… why would anyone still be using Windows 2000? You’d be surprised at that answer. At my place of business, all of our servers are Windows 2003 or Linux based with the exception of one key group: the Cisco Call Managers group.

DST changed a year or so ago, and all major operating systems were already patched by then. Unfortunately, Microsoft has labeled Windows 2000 under its EOL (end of life) software suite. Unless there’s a major security patch, all hot fixes are only for paying customers.

But Microsoft has a program called “TZEDIT.EXE” (found here) that allows you to manually edit the Time Zone configuration files.

1.) download the TZEDIT.EXE application
2.) Run the application, it will extract to C:\program files\tzedit
3.) Run the application in the \tzedit folder
4.) Click on your time zone and then hit the Edit button
5.) Starts 2nd Sunday of March @ 2 AM, Ends 1st Sunday of November @ 2 AM
6.) Now, double click on your time clock/calendar
7.) Select a different time zone and hit apply
8.) Select your edited time zone and hit apply
9.) All set!

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