Desktop Background

I had just finished installing Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit and Ubuntu Desktop 9.04 64bit on my laptop as a dual boot setup.

I am not really going to write about setting it up to dual boot, as it was entirely too easy. I installed Windows 7 first, but I partitioned the 320GB drive into a 40GB empty and a 280GB empty partitioning scheme. Installed 7 on the 280GB spot and then booted off the Ubuntu CD. Installed that on the 40GB. Grub was already setup for me.

But I had the issue of not being able to find a good high-quality desktop background image for my Ubuntu side of things. I didn’t really want to use one of the generic “Linux is life” ones. So I searched for a few minutes and ended up finding a neat site: Hopefully their site stays up for quite some time. Otherwise I may have to take one of mine and create a “” or something.

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