Change Floppy Drive Letter

I had to update the BIOS of a very old computer so it could handle more RAM (128MB chips were the max at the time). But I needed to create a floppy disk to do so. Plugged in my trusty USB floppy drive to my i7 machine running Windows 7 x64. Tried to run the floppy drive installation program – Not compatible with your version of windows. Damn, must need 32bit.

Moved over to the laptop with Windows 7 32bit – not a valid 32bit application. Argh. Zero for two.

Use my vmware XP Pro image – but the application requires the use of Drive A: Dammit. Zero for three.

Here’s how to change the drive letters around:

Rename \DosDevices\A: to \DosDevices\Q:
Rename \DosDevices\B: to \DosDevices\A:
Rename \DosDevices\Q: to \DosDevices\B:

Now your USB floppy should be drive A:

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