Chrome Resolving Host Slow Loading

Running Windows 7 Ent x64 fully patched. I noticed that chrome would take a while to open pages – even pages that I had already visited during the day – and I figured there was a problem with my system.

Windows updates had recently patched the system
McCrappy had been removed in favor of Kaspersky
Chrome had been updated to the latest version
Java/Flash/etc were already all up to date

Long story short, I disabled the Built-in Asynchronous DNS functionality of Chrome and noticed a substantial speed difference (gain).

Open a chrome window
navigate to chrome://flags
Find Built-in Asynchronous DNS (about halfway down the page)
Change to disable, and then restart the browser

2 thoughts on “Chrome Resolving Host Slow Loading”

  1. To solve my Resolving host slowliness, I went to Control Panel => Network and Sharing => Change Adapter Settings => TCP IP v4 => Change the DNS servers to Google: and

    Now it is lightning fast

  2. In a domain environment you can’t just change the internal DNS resolution servers to public ones – the internal infrastructure generally will stop working correctly.

    I also found an issue where the domain controllers had the wrong forwarders setup – it takes up to 3 seconds of failures before the root hint servers take over. This gives the impression of huge delays when you’re talking about several different sites loading data on a single page.

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