Cisco Callmanager CUCM LDAP Logs

So we had a working LDAP lookup system for our callmanager 8.x system up until very recently. What changed? We moved colocations and decided to decommission a few of the older domain controllers. No big deal, just point anything that had LDAP lookups to new DCs. Right?

So we noticed the callmanager was not populating any new employees. Hard to assign phones etc to them if that’s the case.

SSH to your CUCM box (our cucmadmin account was necessary)
I used putty.

List all logs, Take note of dates
file list activelog cm/trace/dirsync/log4j/ det date
The newest file should be on the bottom, looking like “dirsync0007.log” or similar

Open the log and see the errors
file tail activelog cm/trace/dirsync/log4j/dirsync00007.log
This will view the bottom part of the log (newest) live, so run a LDAP resync from the web interface of the CUCM and see results.
Unfortunately I had to wait the 10 minute timeout period to notice that it was looking at the old LDAP server despite the changes.

If I find out why it was still pointing to the old system I will update this post accordingly.

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