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I have an android phone now for only the second (third) time in my life:
1.) working for an MSP they required me to have their phone and it was a terrible motorola piece of garbage
2.) I bought a freedompop Samsung SII which had a battery that would last ~2 hours and was terribly slow
3.) I bought another freedompop LG Optimus F3 which has an awesome (so far) battery and is iPhone4-or-iphone5-peppy

I’ve been on the iPhone since the 3G came out, so it’s still somewhat different for me.

During updates on the LG phone I noticed that it was rather difficult to install new applications; I’d have to play around with rebooting it, turning the wifi off and on, laughing at it, and singing songs just to get a new app to install. In the play store I saw that google maps was constantly “downloading” but never finishing. I tried to stop it, didn’t work.

A day later, and growing more weary of how slow it was to download apps, I googled.

btswein gave the answer:
“Clear the data and cache for google play”
Settings > Applications > All > Google Play > Clear data
or, on the LG
Settings > Apps > Google Play services (AND google play store) > Clear data

Then it magically worked much better! Thanks, guy.

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