Powershell Add Certificates to Firefox User

As we recently implemented a MITM SSL inspection web filter, I needed a way to install the locally signed certificate into the firefox stores on managed devices.

Firefox, by default, does not use the built-in certificate store and instead chooses to utilize its own. Chrome/IE/Edge do not have this same issue and the GPO setup to publish an internal certificate to domain computers is working wonderfully. Firefox, on the other hand, is not so helpful.

After some research it was obvious the best solution was to use powershell/certutil to force an import of the certificate into the local profile’s store. I must admit it took me about 10 minutes to realize that Mozilla/Firefox has its own version of certutil that IS NOT the same as the windows certutil… SMH.

I’ve zipped up the required files as of 02/2017 here.

And here is the ps1 script I used which assumes you installed the OS on the C:\ drive with most of the defaults:

#Script adds Radius Certificate to independent Firefox certificate store since the browser does not use the Windows built in certificate store

#list all Firefox profiles so we can push the certificate to ALL
$ProfilePath = “C:\Users\” + $env:username + “\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\”
$ProfilePath = $ProfilePath + (Get-ChildItem $ProfilePath | ForEach-Object { $_.Name }).ToString()

#Update for untangle
certutil.exe -A -n “Name of Certificate” -t “CT,C,C” -i “certificate_from_content_filter_or_UTM.crt” -d $ProfilePath

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