Excel Shared Workbook Option Missing

So I had been used to having shared workbooks/excel sheets for years. It allowed me to have a single repository for a ton of useful information that I could share with others – and have them edit accordingly. But when I went to start a new one (at my new job, yay!) with Office 2016, I found the option had been replaced with “co-authoring”. Co-authoring is roughly the same feature set but it required the use of sharepoint, onedrive for business, etc. We’re not currently in O365 land, so this wasn’t a great option for me. Where’s my shared workbook??

Open Excel
File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar
List All Commands (drop down)
Scroll down to Compare and Merge Workbooks and click Add
Scroll down to Protect Sharing (Legacy) and click Add
Scroll down to Share Workbook (Legacy) and click Add
Scroll down to Track Changes (Legacy) and click Add
Now you technically only need the Share Workbook option, but since I had used the other options to track changes and do comparisons, I figured you may find those options useful as well.
Click OK.

The four new options (or fewer if you selected less than 4) show up at the top of Excel. Yay!

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