Click to Run Office, Install Visio

I needed to install Visio on my laptop. Laptop, running Win10 Pro 1709, already had Office 365’s office version installed.
Visio was part of our VLSC/Business Center downloads. I noticed I had MAK keys and C2R-P MAK keys for the ODT.
I tried to just install from the downloaded ISO but it said something about 32/64bit product conflicts. I fixed that ( but then had it error out with something like “this product doesn’t work well with the click to run installed programs”.

Download the Visio ISO (or replace visio with another product)
Download the Office Deployment Tool. “Install” this by double clicking (it just extracts to a you-get-to-choose working folder).
Comes with 2 files; setup.exe and configuration.xml

Edit the xml file
<Configuration> <Add OfficeClientEdition=”64″ > <Product ID=”VisioProXVolume” PIDKEY=”69WXN-MBYV6-22PQG-3WGHK-RM6XC”> <Language ID=”en-us” /> </Product> </Add> </Configuration>

Open a command prompt (or shift + right-click open powershell in this window) and navigate to wher your xml and exe files are.

Download the required setup files
setup.exe /download configuration.xml

Install the setup files
setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

Visio is now installed!

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