Top of Screen Black Bar

Windows 10 Pro 1809/1903/1909, Pro N 1909 have all experienced this issue in my tenure. I’m sure it’s more than that.

Basically when I have a maximized application on my primary screen, the top of the screen is blank (black bar). This has happened with Chrome, Slack, and Adobe so far. I should point out that this is both through a docking station as well as direct monitor connections; in any case I have 2 total displays active.

I’m not sure of a permanent fix, but the temporary ones include:

  1. Moving the application to the secondary monitor
  2. Un maximizing the application
  3. Pressing Shift + Ctrl + WIN + B – this resets the video driver
  4. Reboot

The reset of the video driver is not very impactful and definitely fixes my issue, so I usually try that one first.

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