Date Last opened for all applications

Because several applications are paid separately (Visio is the example) from the rest of O365, and we were running low on licenses (and we also didn’t have a Software Audit tool installed), I had to find the quick and dirty (ie cheap and fast) way of finding out the information required.

It was easy to pull who had a license associated with their account. Just log into the Admin Portal, navigate under Billing > Licenses > click on the product.

In my case it’s Visio Plan 2. Licenses 0 available, 32 assigned.

Powershell to the rescue

$name = $env:COMPUTERNAME
$path = "\\fileserver.domain.tld\share\subdir\" + $name + "_lastusedApp.csv"
Get-ChildItem -Path ${env:ProgramFiles(x86)} -Filter "*.exe" -Recurse | Get-ItemProperty | select name,lastaccesstime | sort -Property lastaccesstime | Export-Csv -Path $path -Encoding ascii -NoTypeInformation

Just need to run that remotely on the system. You can psexec or I was trying to use the invoke-command but was coming up with lack of rights to run remote scripts and didn’t need to look any further.

The .csv then shows a list of all installed applications and the last time they were opened. Unfortunately if someone never reboots their system (uptime over a year or so) and keeps the application(s) open that entire time, it’ll appear as though they haven’t “used” it in the last year. Just something to keep in mind.

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