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I was reflecting on my tech career just last night and I thought it best to give a bit of background.

I grew up on Macs – a Macintosh SE with an 8MHz processor, 1MB RAM, a 720KB floppy drive, and a 20MB SCSI 25-pin hard disk drive. Running OS 6.

From there we acquired a PowerMac 7100/80AV. Had a 80MHz processor, 16MB RAM, 700MB 50-pin SCSI hard disk drive, and a 1.4MB FDD. Oh and a 2x CDROM – I fondly remember the sounds this would make when trying to load Myst. We also successfully upgraded this to 24MB RAM and replaced the 700MB HDD with a 2.1GB version.

The first internet-connected Mac was next: the PowerMac G3 minitower. This featured a 233MHz processor, 32MB RAM, and a 4GB HDD. The CDROM was a 24x, and the FDD was still there. Ours came with a 100MB Zip drive too. We upgraded to 64MB RAM, added a 12x CD Burner, and replaced the HDD with a 20GB eventually. This came with OS 8, and we attempted to load OSX beta and it was Slow AF.

A buddy and I decided we wanted to try our hands at Linux – I acquired an AMD K6-2 350MHz with 32MB RAM and a 40GB HDD. Playing around with ISA and PCI network cards was fun (10/100). We originally ran Redhat as an internet router, but when the install broke (my fault, but that’s how I learned breaking/fixing), I replaced with Slackware Linux instead.

At this time I started College and I got 2 computers – the first was a PowerMac G4 dual 450Mhz with 128MB RAM, 30GB HDD, and an external Firewire 12x CDBurner. This also had a 100MB Zip Drive. Eventually upgraded to 3x 80GB HDD in RAID5 along with 512MB RAM. Came with OS9 which I upgraded to OSX. The second was a custom built AMD – Asus Board with an AMD Athlon Thunderbird running at 1.4GHz, 40GB HDD, 24x CD Burner, and 128MB RAM – I believe I upgraded it to 256MB at some point. Ran Windows 2000 on this.

I bought a used white iBook 500MHz 64MB RAM 20GB Drive somewhere along the way – it was pretty slow even for the time.

It gets a bit hazy here since I started building PC’s for family and friends.

I bought a used HP Laptop – maybe like an N810 or something? It was back when HP/Compaq merged.

I got a couple laptops for free – gateway tablet and a EeePC (Asus netbook).

ANYWAY, since I’m getting wordy and not actually accomplishing anything, I wanted to say this was now the 3rd time in my career that I’ve attempted to go “Full Linux” on my work computer. The first time ended poorly when I kept breaking the installation (Ubuntu 8.04), the second time I had a systemboard die, although I was cheating on that – Running Linux MX with virtualbox running Win10.

Now I’m running PopOS. I have a VM of Win10 just in case, but overall I’ve been happy as a clam just using the linux OS. Slack, Cisco VPN, RDP, Browser.. it just works for me.

The only problem I had – being my first GNOME GUI – was the lack of a task bar at the bottom. Easy fix:

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